Project Description

  • Ongoing management advisory support to MEDs to implement an innovative TVET approach, to incorporate the management of the partner  VTls, to intensify TVET oriented private sector cooperation

  • Support for further development / adjustment / accreditation of training programmes

  • Continuous advisory support at workshop level for copacity development of TVET leaching personnel

  • Marketing campaign for TVET in the respective countries

  • Intitiation of a scholarship fund

  • Potential additional bilateral accompanying measures such as study tours, etc.

Job Description

Main tasks

  • Overall responsibility for the consulting packages

  • Ensuring the consistency and complementarity off the contractor's services with all components of the project, especially procurement and AM

  • Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating investment and accompanying measures including capacity building

  • Personnel management incl supervision of local and international short-term experts

  • Regular reporting

  • Financial planning and controlling the use of project funds

  • Coordinating the Accompanying Measures


Qualification Requirements

  • Educational background academic degree in vocational education, engineering or equivalent

  • Minimum 15 years of professional experience in the field of TVET, TVET planning and design

  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in managing TVET investment projects with KfW

  • Regional experience


  • English

  • Knowledge of any regional languages would be an asset

We would like to inform you that your CV will be published on the project website and made available for download to the selected companies if you are selected as a consultant. Please also note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted by us.


Please send your application (cover letter, CV and references/certificates) by e-mail to:


Reference: PLA-WOR21GER00