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Costing & Financial Planning

Securing the competitive position and sustainable business models of private and public companies


Sound costing is a central factor in national and international competition and is therefore important for securing the market position of enterprises and strengthening the capacity of public administrations. They also serve as a basis for efficient policy-making. This generally applies to all industrial and public sectors. PLANCO has particular expertise in the following areas:


  • Transport and logistics

  • Education and vocational training

  • Tourism.


Within the framework of competitive analyses, PLANCO develops cost estimates for individual companies or service providers as well as for entire value chains. They also serve to control public investments within respective sector development strategies.


In this context, we also analyse other competitive factors such as the reliability and quality of the services offered and advise our clients on how to optimise their services.


Our range of services


  • Development of costing models

  • Industry-specific cost analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Business and economic analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Evaluation of different scenarios 

  • Benchmarking analysis

  • Development of operator models

  • Database development and maintenance


  • Transport cost analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis for infrastructure investments in the transport sector

  • Development of traffic models


  • Cost analysis in the education sector

  • Cost-benefit analysis for alternative education programmes 

  • Development of financing models for vocational training.


References from the field of Costing & Financial Planning can be found under our Business Areas.

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