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Guiding Principles

We balance economic and social thinking.

This maxim guides the services we provide and how we work.

Our business is driven by the FIDIC Code of Ethics and of course we generally respect the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.


Above that, PLANCO is determined by the following particular features:

Working principles

  • We stand for high quality of our services, integrity, transparency and professional independence – even in situations where divergent interests may be inconvenient.

  • We work on an interdisciplinary and intercultural basis. This requires a high degree of flexibility in thinking and methodology, an open-minded view towards the unknown and, of course, broad professional know-how.

  • We interact in a goal-oriented, fair and respectful manner with all stakeholders, particularly in our partner countries.

  • All PLANCO experts base their judgments on regular practical work experience, in particular in our partner countries.

  • The solutions we suggest are always guided by their practical feasibility – this applies to both complex studies and project implementation. For this, constructive monitoring throughout each project phase and systematic evaluation of lessons learnt are indispensable.

  • We believe that enjoying our work is an important precondition for a high level of professional commitment in often complex project settings. This guides our managerial decisions and our individual working conditions.

Team approach

  • We invest in tailor-made professional and personal development of our staff. Besides regular training, we also support individual academic qualification, e.g. by offering flexible work hours and release for research/PhD studies.

  • We share our knowledge with junior professionals and younger colleagues, e.g. by means of academic teaching, offering internships, supervising academic projects and publications.

  • Despite the demanding requirements of our global project field we find creative solutions for individual work-life balance. We are part of the German federal corporate network “Success factor: Family”.

  • Leisure time is highly important. In our team we have agreed upon clear rules on internal communication, personal availability and mobility.

  • In regular team workshops we pursue the development of our internal and external business and target those subjects that may be eclipsed by everyday routine.


Environment and Society

  • In our operations and choice of office equipment, we pay attention to environmental protection and resource efficiency as well as support for local suppliers.

  • We promote the use of public transport for local and long distance travel.

  • The individual offices of PLANCO Hamburg in the Ottensener Werkhof are part of a self-administered real estate project for more than 100 parties with social and ecological demands. We share responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the entire property.

  • Last but not least: Unfortunately, our business-related air travel is a weak point in relation to our sustainability standards. Even though we try to keep our travel within limits, our options are constrained by the international orientation of our work. What we do: PLANCO contributes to the compensation of the respective CO2-impact by supporting climate protection programs via atmosfair.

While we have formulated all of these statements carefully, they are certainly not set in stone. They are the result of substantial discussions within the entire team and are regularly reconsidered and improved. We see this as an important element of PLANCO’s quality management and working atmosphere.

The tasks of an integrity commissioner are performed by Jana Schlick.

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