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Policy Advise

Conceptual foundations for effective policymaking


PLANCO develops concepts for policy design that make it possible to make the best possible use of existing development potential or to tap new potential. For this purpose, detailed future scenarios are developed that show potentials that have not yet been tapped or are newly emerging. Our policy consulting concentrates primarily on the following business areas:


  • Transport and logistics

  • Education and vocational training

  • Tourism.


PLANCO shows and justifies decisive fields of action and promising measures. It addresses all relevant governmental and non-governmental actors. The development is carried out in constant feedback with these actors in order to involve them on the one hand and to incorporate their knowledge on the other. PLANCO supports the client in the dialogue with the actors in order to work towards coordinated action.


PLANCO also advises public clients on the development of political strategies, the design of new laws and guidelines and the organisation and moderation of corresponding coordination processes between the relevant actors at all political levels.



References from the field of Policy Advise can be found under our Business Areas.

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