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Project Development and Management

Successful project implementation requires careful planning and coordination with all partners 


The development of funding projects eligible for approval – in the national and European context as well as in development policy – requires comprehensive knowledge of the funding backdrop and application procedures. It requires the mobilisation of cooperation partners from different countries and cultures, the development of an eligible project concept, the elaboration of detailed project descriptions, implementation strategies including work and time planning as well as comprehensive cost and budget planning. 


PLANCO supports initiators and project partners both during project preparation and implementation as well as in coordination with the respective financier or funding agency. We always pay attention to the feasibility of our proposed project approaches.


Services within the scope of project development


  • Preparatory investigations for project identification

  • Exploring appropriate funding programmes and/or financing options

  • Preparation of project outlines and feasibility studies

  • Support in finding a partner

  • Technical planning

  • Evaluation of different project alternatives

  • Cost and budget planning

  • Personnel, work and time planning

  • Support to project partners in coordination with the financier or funding body

  • Concepts for safeguarding financial sustainability

  • Risk analysis on environmental, social and health standards.


In many cases, PLANCO also takes over responsibility for the successful implementation of projects in Germany or abroad. This includes professional project management using suitable IT tools, demand-oriented personnel and budget control, as well as all accompanying project administration and logistics. In addition, we assume comprehensive coordination and reporting duties for our clients, taking into account the requirements of the project’s financier or funding agency.


PLANCO has references of successful project implementation in the following areas:


  • Investment projects

  • Long-term advisory projects 

  • Comprehensive training and further education projects

  • Regional development projects

  • Fund management.


Services within the framework of project implementation


  • Detailed technical planning 

  • Continuous personnel, work and time planning

  • Management of procurement incl. tendering 

  • Contract management

  • Moderation of decision-making processes

  • Financial management incl. disbursement

  • Budget control

  • Monitoring and Evaluation | M&E

  • Continuous reporting to the client and project partners

  • Frequent factual and financial reporting to the funding body

  • Support in the coordination with the financier or funding body

  • Management of environmental, social and health impacts.


References from the field of Project Development & Management can be found under our Business Areas.

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