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Building Infrastructure and Environment

Form follows Function

In many cases, project activity in our fields of business also requires dealing with the building infrastructure. Whether the buildings already exist, need to be redesigned or newly developed – a proactive management of the interfaces between utilisation concept, building planning and environmental requirements is always required. PLANCO's special expertise lies in this interface management.

The more far-sighted and earlier an interdisciplinary cooperation takes place, the more effectively the objectives of a construction project can be realized in the long term. Through early coordination between the experts responsible for the utilisation concept and the building planning, we achieve the best possible synchronisation of building purpose and design. In addition to design requirements, we always focus on aspects of energy efficiency as well as environmental and social compatibility.

Our range of services

PLANCO has comprehensive competence and experience in the planning and implementation of a wide variety of construction projects in Germany and abroad. Our services range from utilisation and conversion concepts for individual premises, to building planning and urban development concepts in the following areas

  • Construction of training workshops and schools

  • Social housing

  • Office and commercial buildings 

  • Small-scale urban development.

Our building-related expertise is applied in a variety of ways – through technical advice, coordination of planning and implementation processes or in the form of our own work. PLANCO also contributes its long-term experience in related infrastructure areas such as water/wastewater, solid waste, energy and transport. 

Our work includes the following services:

  • Studies and technical reports 

  • Uitlisation concepts for land or buildings

  • Technical expert opinions 

  • Assessment of environmental and social compatibility

  • Conversion and renovation concepts

  • Design and further construction planning

  • Cost estimates and time planning

  • Tendering and contract management

  • Construction supervision

  • Moderation of user and interest groups

  • Comprehensive process management on behalf of the investor

  • Coordination with the financing body.

References in the field Building Infrastructure and Environment

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